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Pinpoint what emotionally drives your audiences and increase your dollars!


Our creative audit does all of that and more! It gives a compelling, big picture overview of what communications have been sent to constituents, stakeholders, and prospects -- and provides critical insights on how to proceed. 

Using a 3-step technique, our audit evaluates your messaging and details specific opportunities and tactics to help you improve overall fundraising responses and results.  You will receive:


A detailed report and strategic analysis of communications that target audiences (donors, prospects, event attendees, major donors, etc.) have received, including looking at what worked creatively, what has great potential, and what didn't seem to resonate with constituents - including suggested reasons why. 


A roadmap of the communications donors receive at each step of the donor lifecycle to examine their journey.


An audience-specific master list of ideas with rankings along 3 dimensions: revenue potential, costs, and degree of difficulty for implementation. 

An action plan will also be produced to discuss all of our strategic ideas and we will deliver our key creative priorities. 


Results only show WHAT works. But understanding WHY it works -- the emotional triggers it has for your target audiences
at each stage in the donor lifecycle -- will transform your fundraising communications!








See the difference for yourself! Get a FREE mini audit with NO OBLIGATION! 


 Uncovering what emotionally connects with donors and prospects

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