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FREE Mini Creative Audit Exclusively for NEAHP Conference Attendees!

Between September to December, most nonprofits raise 85% of their dollars during the fourth quarter. 
NOW is the time to refine your message and redefine your online and offline fundraising messaging meet those critical fourth quarter and 
year-end goals.

What is a Mini Creative Audit and Why Do I Need It?


A mini creative audit will look at ONE of your key fundraising communications pieces — whether it is an email, website donation page, or direct mail package — and give you a critique you can use to help transform your fundraising communications to increase response, drive engagement and raise more net revenue!


We would like to SHOW you what we can do for you! 
Please schedule your no-obligation, FREE
Mini Creative
today and cross one thing off your to-do list! 


About AGB Creative LLC

Our senior team has worked with some of the nation’s premier health nonprofits, creating record-breaking direct response campaigns that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars and have been recognized with more than 50 creative awards for both direct response and digital fundraising. These awards including the Direct Marketing Association of Washington's MAXI awards, New England Association of Direct Marketing NEDMA awards, Fundraising Success awards, NCDC Lumens awards, and DMFA Package of the Year awards.




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